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Polypharmacy team at St George’s

What is Polypharmacy?

‘Polypharmacy’ means taking multiple medicines or drugs.

Taking multiple medicines is often required to help patients who have more than one illness. However, the risk of problems (including side effects) increases as the number of drugs increases.

To reduce the risk of problems, people taking multiple medicines should have regular medication reviews.

The Polypharmacy Service at St George’s is run by clinical pharmacologists (doctors with a special interest in medicines). We see patients with complex needs directly, as well as provide advice and guidance for healthcare professionals across South West London.  Our team consists of four consultants and four junior doctors.  We work closely with pharmacists, GPs and other clinical staff.

The Polypharmacy Service offers:

  • Review Clinic for patients with complex polypharmacy
  • Advice & Guidance Service for clinicians
  • Skills Development Network for clinicians

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