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St George’s has one of the busiest paediatric urology services in the United Kingdom and London. As well as the regional centre for paediatric urology in south west London we attract complex urology patients from throughout the country and abroad.

The team consists of three surgeons and three clinical nurse specialists along with specialist physiotherapy, play specialists and psychologists.

We provide a complete specialist service including surgery for children with congenital kidney and bladder problems such as Pelvic Ureturic Junction obstruction, Multi-cystic Displastic Kidneys, posterior urethral valves, reflux, hypospadias, buried penis and undescended testis.

As St George’s Hospital is the designated trauma centre for south west London, we provide a range of paediatric surgical trauma services, including the management of paediatric urological trauma.

We provide with our Nephrology colleagues combined Nephrology clinics in St Peters, St Helier and Kingston hospitals as well as at St George’s itself.

What we offer

Antenatal Urology

An abnormality in the kidneys or the bladder of the developing fetus is commonly seen on antenatal ultrasound scans allowing us to detect problems early on, although these abnormalities improve spontaneously during the pregnancy or after birth. Our surgeons and nurse specialists provide an integrated antenatal counselling service for all significant paediatric urology referrals within the fetal medicine department and ensure that the correct safe and appropriate management for each individual child during the pregnancy and in the potentially complicated period after the child’s birth. The paediatric surgery department runs two to three antenatal urology clinics every month.


Incontinence in children can be devastating for both the child and the parents. Wetting can occur in the day, at night, or due to a congenital problem within the bladder. Because of this broad range of causes and impacts we have created a wide ranging treatment program. All children are assessed by either expert surgeons or clinical nurse specialists. We can offer continence clinics in the community or in local hospitals closer to the child’s home. At St George’s all children receive the best care, tailored to their particular needs and  condition. We provide clinics and treatment for day and night time wetters along with specialist complex clinics for children with conditions such as giggle incontinence.

Spina Bifida

The paediatric urology team are leaders in spina bifida management and provide all aspects of care whether it is psychological or surgical along with monthly combined multidisciplinary clinics for affected children and their families. Once the patient reaches the age of 18 they are transferred to our adult urology service for further care.