Three members of staff were recently presented with Values Awards after being nominated by a patient on GICU for the care they had provided.

Eibhlin Cleary (Speech and Language Therapist), Gemma Cohen (Staff Nurse) and Paula O’Shea (GICU Liaison Nurse) were all presented awards by our Chief Operating Officer, Anne Brierley.

See what the patient said about Eibhlin, Gemma and Paula below.

“Eibhlin deserves to be acknowledged, as she demonstrated exemplary practice every time she was working with me. She cared for me and in a professional and kind manner, it was obvious she enjoyed her job and wanted to use her skills to help make me better. When I was upset, Eibhlin listened to me with respect and empathy, she allowed me to say what I needed and reassured me, responding to my concerns in a calm and gentle manner. Eibhlin always made me feel better and even though I was in hospital always checked I was ok before she left me. Eibhlin told me about herself also to make me feel more comfortable, she has an excellent work ethic and is amazingly talented. I am so fortunate to have had such a skilled therapist to make me better, I really would not have pushed myself to get as far as I have done without her support.”

Gemma is an excellent nurse, she spoke to me with kindness, and listened to what I had to say in a caring and professional manner. When Gemma responded to me, she did so with kindness and respect. She maintained my dignity always when I was unwell and needed support. Gemma clearly understood it was affecting me being in hospital, she was considerate and understood my needs very well. She allowed me to say what I wanted and gave me time to answer questions, giving me options and providing high standards of care. Gemma was respectful when I wanted the curtains shut to speak to my family and when I required personal care. Gemma Cohen is a sweet, kind and hardworking nurse. When she was with me it felt like I had not just a nurse but also a friend. Gemma has an outstanding work ethic and ability to work with patients.”

Paula always went above and beyond in my opinion; she was my rock allowing me to say whatever I wanted. Paula listened to me with empathy and checked in with me on many occasions. When I had worries and concerns she was there – a friendly person to talk to without any judgment. Paula respected me for who I am and it really showed that she is experienced and just excellent at what she does. She helped keep my family involved, and cared enough to help me communicate with them, she just knew what I needed as a patient. When Paula spoke to me everything always just seemed better and to make more sense. Paula demonstrated professionalism and had my safety and care in mind always, she took me out when I was unable to walk and ensured I was safe and cared for all the time. I am very fortunate to have had such an experienced and humble Intensive Care Nurse. Paula O’Shea is one in a million.”