The greatest gift this Christmas is being vaccinated against Covid-19 to protect yourselves and loved ones while supporting the NHS over the festive period.

The Covid-19 vaccine is estimated to have saved around 127,000 lives in the UK thanks to 47.2 million people being fully vaccinated – but St George’s is urging south west Londoners who haven’t yet been vaccinated to come forward and play their part in supporting the fight against the new Omicron variant.

Robert Bleasdale, Chief Nursing Officer at St George’s, said:

“Since the beginning of 2020, NHS staff at St George’s and across the country have worked incredibly hard and they continue to do so in responding to the pandemic. Please help us this festive season by getting vaccinated to protect yourself, friends and family from COVID-19 and as a result prevent future hospital admissions.”

Matthew Otite, 52, who got his vaccine at St George’s earlier this week, said:

“I’m encouraging everyone to get the jab, I’ve got friends turning it down and I’m encouraging them to change their minds as it will help protect them and everyone around them.”

Arezou Rezvani, Lead for the COVID-19 Vaccination Hub at St George’s, said:

“Our vaccine clinic is currently giving out up to 1000 vaccine doses a day and it’s so incredible to think about how many individuals lives these jabs are saving. The vaccine uptake has been great, but we’re urging more people to come forward for their first, second or booster vaccine – it’s never too late.”

St George’s vaccine clinic is accessible to all, and operates a one-way system and social distancing. Join the 47.2 million fully vaccinated people in the UK by booking your vaccine at St George’s vaccine clinic using the National Booking Service. The clinic has expanded its opening hours to be open seven days a week, 12 hours a day as well as over the festive period on Christmas Eve and 27 – 31 December for limited hours.

Robert Bleasdale added:

“It has been an extremely challenging two years for NHS workers, please support them by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and flu, and wearing a face covering in crowded places. Doing these small, but effective, actions makes you an NHS hero and we thank everyone who is supporting the NHS in these ways in the fight against COVID-19.”

To further support the NHS this winter, if you need medical care but it isn’t an emergency, please call or access NHS 111 online before attending an emergency department as often there are more appropriate NHS services available to you which can be quicker, such as your GP or local pharmacy.

If you have any questions, trusted information on vaccines is available via the NHS website.