The nation’s favourite medical documentary continues tomorrow (24th November 2015) on Channel 4 at 9pm. In this week’s programme a young boy faces losing a finger.

10-year-old Josh arrives at St George’s having severed his finger during an accident on the school playing field. Mum Jane accompanies Josh into resus, but she has a secret – Josh has no idea that his finger has actually been cut off during the accident. Doctors now face a double challenge: to work out whether they can re-attach his finger, which will require major surgery, and how and when to explain to Josh what has really happened.

Meanwhile 40-year-old stonemason Guido is in minors having dropped a marble slab on his finger. His finger is wrapped up and Guido has reassured his wife Dina that it’s ‘just a little cut’.  But when specialist nurse Prav unravels the bandages the extent of the injury is revealed and Dina isn’t happy.

And 74-year-old Maggie, who’s partially-sighted, is brought to resus after falling over and hurting her leg. She’s come with neighbour Nathalie who lives in a housing complex for people with visual impairment.

Maggie admits that she couldn’t stand Nathalie when they first met, but Nathalie persisted and they became best friends. An x-ray reveals that Maggie’s ankle is broken in two places and, as doctors fix it, Maggie talks about the challenges she faced during childhood that led her to lose trust in other people and rely on herself.