The next episode (18) of the award-winning medical documentary “24 Hours in A&E” is nearly here! It’s due to be aired on Wednesday, 17 February, at 9pm on Channel 4.

Jack, a 16-year old would-be doctor, has come to work in A & E for the day on work experience. For him, it’s make or break as to whether or not he wants to be a doctor.

77-year-old Martin is rushed to St George’s after collapsing at home. It’s not the first time that Martin has blacked out and he has two further seizures in A&E. Doctors carry out urgent tests to find out what is causing Martin’s problems.

Martin grew up in Ireland before moving to London, where he met future wife Margaret. “When I first met him I was 21. We were ordinary people, we never had much money. It was hard to pay the rent,” says Margaret. “But I’d found somebody that I loved, I knew that he would always look after me and, as much as I could, I would look after him. There’s not much more you can hope for.”

83-year-old Harry collapsed while out shopping. He’s short of breath and has chest pains and dizziness. Harry has been widowed for 35 years and describes himself as ‘an independent old bugger’.

His niece Karen visits him every week. “He’s a comedian, he’s always mucking about. Everyone knows him. I can’t ever remember him being down,” says Karen. As a younger man Harry spent time working on fairgrounds. “I was on the Waltzers, the best five and a half years of my life,” he says.

Meanwhile 6-year-old Lilly has cut her head after falling off her scooter. Paediatric nurse Kelly loves working with kids. “Part of your job is to be clown and jester to distract them,” she says. “I guess you see perks to other people’s jobs – 9 to 5 would be amazing or wearing a power suit to work and heels would be super cool – but helping people and making a difference is fantastic. I must just have been born with the caring gene!”