You’re never too young or too old to visit A&E and this episode has examples of people from 3-41 years old who end up in A&E much to their surprise.

3-year-old Louie is airlifted to St George’s after being run over by a car while playing outside his house. Doctors are concerned that his neck seems to be stuck in one position, which could indicate damage to his neck and spine. And consultant Will is worried that he hasn’t seen Louie move his lower limbs.

Meanwhile 14-year-old Josh arrives in the resuscitation room having injured his ankle while riding a BMX with his dad, Simon, on the front. As doctors relieve Josh’s pain and work out how to fix his ankle, Simon talks about how his struggle to support his family led him to become involved in a risky plan to make some quick cash.

Meanwhile 41-year-old Sam arrives in the resuscitation room after losing control of her car and crashing into a tree. Sam has a nasty cut to her head and doctors send her for a CT scan, concerned about possible spinal and internal injuries.

Husband Mark talks about how the couple met and Sam explained that she couldn’t have children because of having leukaemia as a child. Mark wasn’t going to forsake his love for Sam because they couldn’t have a family. But years later, to their amazement and delight, Sam became pregnant.