BBC News producer Sophie Tall says she was “incredibly grateful” for her mother’s emergency care at St George’s over the festive period.

When Lorna Clark, Sophie’s mother, fell and shattered her wrist before Christmas, she visited St George’s Emergency Department where she was triaged and seen by a doctor within 90 minutes. She spent three hours having x-rays, a manipulation of her wrist and a cast put on which was “all excellent” in Sophie’s words.

Lorna and Sophie returned the following day to the fracture clinic, where she had further manipulations, each one followed by an x-ray and then a CT scan. Sophie shared that all five St George’s staff her and her 81-year-old mother encountered were “so kind and wonderful”.

A week later, on New Year’s Eve, Lorna went into Nye Bevan Unit for day surgery. Being third on the list for her operation, Lorna waited eight hours and said she received “exceptional care” throughout.

Sophie, Lorna’s daughter, said: “Despite it being New Year’s Eve, I saw so many consultants and other staff working. The NHS really is 24/7!

“My mum suffers from memory loss, so I was incredibly grateful for the patience of the staff, particularly her anaesthetist who was so kind.”

Lorna is photographed on Christmas Day enjoying a glass of bubbly whilst awaiting her operation.

Sophie shared the news with St George’s in hope that it would bring positivity to teams who continue to work their hardest through the current pressures.

Please remember, we are always available for emergency care – like Lorna’s – but when you need non-emergency care, please visit first to find the right care for you, or visit your local GP or pharmacy, and get vaccinated against Covid and flu, if eligible, to prevent serious illness.