You may have seen articles in the local and national press about the suspension of the urogynaecology sub-specialty service. There have also been flyers and posters given out outside the hospital, and a march opposing the suspension was held on Saturday (6 February).

The sub-speciality of urogynaecology was suspended in June 2015 on governance and safety grounds. We recently undertook an internal staff and external public consultation to consider the long term provision of this service. The outcome of the consultation and proposed next steps will be agreed at the trust’s March 2016 Board meeting. The care of our patients and their safety has always been and remains at, the centre of this proposal of change.

An article in the Guardian at the weekend claimed that St George’s FGM clinic has been closed as part of the suspension. This is incorrect and we have asked the Guardian to amend their story.

The following services are still being provided at St George’s:

  • Maternal perineal clinic
  • Complex urology
  • Neuro-urology
  • Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology
  • FGM clinic
  • Pessary management.