On 15 March, we will be holding the first ever staff appreciation awards at St George’s.

The awards – supported by St George’s Hospital Charity – celebrate our amazing staff, and the role they play in providing Outstanding Care, Every Time for our patients, and the communities we serve.

Today, we are opening up one of the award categories – The Lifesaver Award – to a public vote!

We have shortlisted three members of staff – and their teams – who have made a lifesaving difference to patients over the past 12 months; and we want you to choose your favourite!

Simply read the three stories below, and email your favourite to staffawards18@stgeorges.nhs.uk by 5pm on Tuesday 13 February.

The nominees are:

  1. Mr Nick Hyde, Maxillofacial Surgeon, and team, for their role in rebuilding the face of former St George’s junior doctor Dr Libby Calton after she was seriously injured by a horse. Read here for more information.
  2. Sister Marietta Armoogum, who saved the life of Yagoub Khoi-Abbasi after he collapsed from a heart attack whilst out shopping. Marietta – who was off duty at the time – carried out CPR on Mr Khoi-Abbasi until an ambulance arrived. Read here for more information.
  3. Dr Ruchi Kabra, Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist, and team who saved Nichola Randall’s life after she was rushed to St George’s following a stroke. Nichola’s young son Jack phoned 999 after Nichola lost feeling down her left hand side. Read here for more information

One vote per person, and staff can also vote. The shortlisted nominees for the other categories (not open to public vote) will be shared with staff this afternoon (Monday 5 February).

The winner will be announced at the staff appreciation awards ceremony on 15 March, which you will be able to follow live on our social media channels!