More lives are being saved year on year thanks to our Major Trauma Centre (MTC) at St George’s, and the extended trauma network of which we are part.

Data published by the Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) shows that patients treated within the South West London and Surrey Trauma Network – made up of the MTC at St George’s and seven trauma units at other hospitals – have a higher than expected survival rate than anywhere else in the country.

The survival rates for patients transferred to our MTC at St George’s also show a year on year increase – with 1.2 additional survivors out of every 100 patients during 2015/16 (compared to 0.4 additional survivors out of every 100 patients during 2013/14).
Trauma patients have multiple serious injuries that could lead to death or serious disability, including those involved in car accidents, major falls, or violence.

Like Major Trauma Centres around the country, we operate a 24/7 service at St George’s, which is staffed by specialist teams so patients have access to the best diagnostic and treatment facilities, including orthopaedics, neurosurgery and radiology teams.

Dr Heather Jarman, Clinical Director for Major Trauma at St George’s, welcomed the news:

“This shows the importance of team work, both amongst different teams at St George’s, and with the trauma units that make up the South West London and Surrey Trauma Network. Most importantly of all, the data shows that patients are getting the care they need, and that lives are being saved as a result.”