Seven members of our staff, and 23 in total including St George’s, University of London staff, have been recognised in the annual academic promotions.

Academic promotions are awarded to individuals who have shown excellence and dedication in their area of work.

This year, the staff members listed below have been recognised in the promotions round.

Staff are able to apply for an academic promotion once a year and all submissions are considered by the Academic Promotions Committee.

Congratulations go to Trust members of staff:
•Asma Khalil – Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal Medicine
•Caroline Hing – Honorary Reader in Orthopaedics
•Duncan Tennent – Professor of Practice
•James Spratt – Honorary Reader in Interventional Cardiology
•Julene Carvalho – Professor of Practice
•Kate Tatton-Brown – Professor of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Education
•Nicholas Watkin – Professor of Practice

University members of staff:
•Adam Witney – Reader in Bioinformatics
•Alicja Rudnicka – Professor of Medical Statistics
•Anthony Albert – Professor of Cardiovascular Science
•Cisco Miralles – Reader in Molecular Biology
•Daniel Osborn – Senior Lecturer in Genetics
•Elijah Behr – Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
•Ferran Valderrama – Reader in Cancer Cell Biology
•Hamed Khan – Senior Lecturer in Clinical Skills
•Kate Everett – Reader in Human Genetics
•Ken Laing – Reader in Genomics and Bioinformatics
•Michael Perkin – Reader in Clinical Epidemiology
•Nidhi Sofat – Professor of Rheumatology
•Richard Atkinson – Professor of Epidemiology
•Suman Rice – Reader in Reproductive Physiology
•Tariq Sadiq – Professor of Molecular Medicine
•Alexandra Gillingham – Senior Lecturer in Physician Associate Education

Duncan Tennent, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, pictured and one of those recognised (as a Professor of Practice), said:

“I am delighted to be promoted to professor, I have been associated with the medical school for 15 years and look forward to furthering the links between the Trust and the university further in the future”.

Professor Andy Rhodes, Medical Director, said: “This is great news, and well deserved recognition for staff who are making real strides in their individual specialty.

“For a Trust employee to get this level of recognition requires an outstanding contribution to have been made to their clinical and academic portfolios, which is a real achievement and should not be under-estimated.

“Well done to everybody who has been recognised this year, as well as those aspiring to great things throughout the organisation.”


Photo caption: Caroline Hing, Duncan Tennent, and Kate Tatton-Brown are three of those recognised.