The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the most esteemed global annual meeting, with over 60,000 international attendees, ended last week. This year, the St George’s Radiology Department led the UK in academic contribution and award recognition.

In addition to organisation and leadership roles in educational committees and sessions, numerous accepted oral and electronic presentations were made. Invited lectures were provided by our radiologists Dr R Morgan and Dr I Vlahos.

Prestigious RSNA magna cum laude, cum laude and certificate of merit awards were awarded for submissions from St George’s Consultants in Radiology: J Moser, S Grubnic, K Stefanides, J Patel, I Vlahos; and their colleagues in Pathology: B Tinwell, J DuParq; Surgery: C Tan and Endocrinology: G Bano.

Under their consultant guidance, several radiology trainees distinguished themselves:

  • Sam Dumonteil, mentored by L Wilkinson, won the trainee award for his scientific presentation on the “Relationship between breast density, age and cancer detection rate”.
  • Tom Cavenagh, mentored by J Patel and I Vlahos, was invited to contribute an article for Radiographics following his paraganglioma imaging presentation.
  • Oliver Duxbury, mentored by C Sayer and I Vlahos, won the Magna Cum Laude award or his presentation on the collaborative work with Brighton and Sussex University Hospital on “Response assessment in Non-Small Cell Lung cancer”.
  • Anouchka Goldman, mentored by K Stefanides and I Vlahos, won the Cum Laude award after presenting on the collaboration with Epsom and St Heliers on “Lung cancer operative planning”.

Well done to our radiology team and their clinical colleagues on this excellent international recognition for St George’s.