St George’s nurse, Marlene Johnson, has been selected as one of the BBC London’s Top 100 Champions. The 100 Lives series is part of the BBC’s celebrations for their 100 year anniversary.

Marlene was selected due to the outstanding, selfless work that she does, both as part of her profession and in her spare time. Marlene is a Head of Nursing at St George’s, for Renal, Haematology and Oncology (RHO) and Palliative Care, and in addition to this she also manages a food bank in Croydon.

Colleagues at St George’s and Croydon residents that attend Marlene’s food bank expressed how loving and caring Marlene is. To her patients and the people she helps at the food banks alike, Marlene provides comfort and encouraging advice. Marlene has been in nursing for over 40 years, she shared how her nursing role goes hand in hand with working at the food bank, as she helps people to heal, just in different ways. Marlene said:

“I’ll never stop helping people because it’s in my faith and nature, god loves me and wants me to love people.”

One of Marlene’s long standing patients Yvonne said:

“She deserves to be celebrated for the care she gives, its more than just care, I come in for dialysis 3 times a week and she gives me so much confidence.”

Marlene featured on BBC news on Wednesday 9th February 2022 as they introduced their Top 100 London Champions anniversary initiative. Marlene was also earlier interviewed by Vanessa Phelps on BBC Radio London.

Please join us in congratulating Marlene for this achievement and her ongoing fantastic work.