This week, St George’s has been named Innovative Trust of the Year by the Health Innovation Network (HIN) at their annual awards ceremony.

The HIN Recognition Awards 2019 celebrated some of the fantastic work and partnerships that the HIN are involved in across the patch.

We were delighted to be named Innovative Trust of the Year, with staff members Ben Wanless, Emma Evans and Edward Jebson’s singled out for particular praise for projects in physiotherapy, maternity (New Beginnings) and innovation products.

Zoë Lelliott, Chief Executive of the Health Innovation Network, said: “The enthusiasm and commitment across our membership to improve the lives of patients through innovation never ceases to inspire me.”

She added: “The Recognition Awards are a great opportunity to celebrate some of the very best work of our members. I am delighted the Health Innovation Network is highlighting examples of excellence in partnerships, Trusts and individuals in our community through these awards, and I congratulate the worthy winners.”

James Friend, our Chief Transformation Officer, said: “This is great news, and shows yet again how creative and forward thinking our staff and teams at St George’s are.

‘’Huge credit to Ben, Emma and Ed, plus Julia, Verity and Lindsey, and the teams they work with. I’d also like to say well done to everyone involved in innovation and improvement projects – it can be challenging trying to work in different ways, but it is only by challenging the status quo that we make progress and improve care for patients, and the working lives of staff.’’