Charlotte Day, a midwife at St George’s, has been shortlisted in The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards – an annual event celebrating NHS staff who go beyond the call of duty to care for patients.

The winners will be announced tonight at a special ceremony.

Charlotte was nominated for ‘Best Midwife’ by her colleague, Sophie Banks.

Sophie, also a midwife at St George’s, said: “Charlotte is a fantastic midwife and always goes the extra mile for her patients – even working up until the day she had her own baby!

“Charlotte had started her maternity leave but decided to work some extra shifts before her baby arrived.

“After delivering a baby at 7.30pm, Charlotte finished her shift and went home. Just seven hours later at 3am, she returned to work in labour – we couldn’t believe it!”

Ten hours after Charlotte helped deliver the baby on her shift, her own baby Milo arrived unexpectedly at 36 weeks. He was born at 5.26am on Thursday 15 August.

Charlotte said: “I couldn’t quite believe I was walking back into work after leaving everyone only a few hours before. It was such a shock when I was told I was 6-7cm, I burst into tears!

“I’m very lucky to do a job I love and being nominated is a real surprise!”

Charlene Daniel, another colleague, said: “Charlotte is a wonderful midwife. Nothing is ever too much trouble. She would do whatever she needs to for her ladies to ensure they get the best care.

“They love her and we love her as well, because she’s a fantastic midwife, friend and colleague.”

Good luck, Charlotte!