When ICU nurse Anthea Allen started emailing friends and neighbours at the start of the covid-19 pandemic asking for donations of biscuits and cakes for #TeamStGeorges, she didn’t expect what was to come – both in the sense of how colossal the pandemic would be but also how these emails would lead her to become a bestselling author.

Anthea’s book ‘Life, Death and Biscuits’ explores her experiences throughout the pandemic using her weekly emails and recalling memories of years gone by.

‘Life, Death and Biscuits’ has already topped the bestselling charts before its official launch date of Thursday 17 February.

Anthea, who has worked in St George’s ICU for 25 years, said: “Critical care nurses are amazing. I am proud to work with such a phenomenal team who took team work to another level during the pandemic. My book is about people, love, hope – and of course Covid.

Some of Anthea’s ICU colleagues have said:

“Anthea is our work mum, always ready to laugh, give a hug and is also a superb nurse and role model. She has such a loud voice – you can hear her even if you can’t see her!”

“Anthea is a voice for nurses.”

“Anthea was our emotional support and created the team who fed us during Covid.”

Reviews of the book include Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid who said, “Anthea’s writing is raw, honest and full of love for those she cares for”, while Sir Richard Branson said, “her words will live on as an important history of Covid for generations to come.”

Notes to editors

For more information about the book, please visit Life, Death and Biscuits – HarperCollins Publishers UK.

Otherwise, please contact communications@stgeorges.nhs.uk.