St George’s marked International Nurses’ Day on Friday 8th May with the trust’s annual nursing awards.

The awards identify and celebrate the nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and mentors in the trust who have made an outstanding contribution to patient care.

Awards were presented for nurse of the year, midwife of the year, healthcare assistant of the year and mentor of the year. Patients, colleagues, mentors or managers can nominate a person who has made a special contribution to nursing practice

Jennie Hall, chief nurse and senior nursing colleagues gave presentations on compassionate, caring and cost effective practice.

Also presented at the event was the ‘Auntie Lucy’ award, a nursing education award of up to £1,000. The award is named in memory of former trust employee Lucy Kpobie, and presented to individuals or teams who wish to develop an area of practice or develop a new initiative for the benefit of patients.

Here are our worthy winners and comments by their colleagues:

Runner up HCA of the year
Ernest is a healthcare assistant working in our neurology intensive care unit. He had a lot of lovely comments made about him:

Runner-up HCA of the Year_Ernest“Ernest is very hard working and always ensures that his patients receive excellent care. He is an asset to Neuro ITU and we would be lost without him!”
“Ernest is very conscientious and is very respectful towards the staff, patients and their visitor.”
“Ernest is a joy to work with and always is positive in his manner.”

HCA of the year
Audrey is a healthcare assistant on our Champney ward. She had a huge amount of lovely statements said about her:

HCA of the Year_Audrey “Audrey always goes the extra mile for staff and patients.”
“Audrey has worked in St George’s for over 20 years and is a very valued member of our team.”
“Audrey is absolutely amazing to work with and I feel that receiving this award would give Audrey the recognition she well and truly deserves.”

Runner up Nurse of the year
Emma is a staff nurse on our Florence Nightingale ward. She is a newly qualified nurse and has clearly had an impact receiving multiple nominations:

Runner up nurse of the year_Emma “Emma recently helped organise a wedding for one of her terminally ill patients on Florence Nightingale ward. She did the patients hair, make-up and painted the patients. Emma loaned the patient her prom dress and decorated the their wheelchair with flowers. She did all this and attended the wedding on her day off!”

Nurse of the year
Nadia is a ward sister on our Florence Nightingale ward. A number of really lovely statements were said about her:

Nurse of the year_Nadia“Nadia is an extraordinary individual who has worked for the Trust for over 10 years.”
“Nadia is everything you want from a nurse and always has an answer for everything!”
“Sister Nadia has been a role model to me, she is very supportive. She reminds her staff every day about compassionate care.”

Runner up Midwife of the year
Chantelle is a consultant midwife at St George’s.

Runner up midwife of the year_Chantelle“Chantelle has a gentle and empathetic manner towards women.”
“She is kind and respectful to the women who use our services and ensures that the trust values are embedded in her practice.”
“Chantelle is innovative and inspiring, is a pleasure to work with and has made such a difference in the time she has worked with us.”

Midwife of the year
Jodette Holly won midwife of the year.

Midwife of the year_Jodette“In addition to her busy role, and such is her devotion to Midwifery, Jodette is planning this year’s third, national physiological birth conference for St George’s Hospital. 
“Thank you Jodette- you are an inspiration to women and midwifes alike and a true ambassador of the profession.”

Mentor of the year
Georgina is a junior sister on McEntee ward. She had wonderful feedback from her student and peers:

“I was lucky enough to meet Georgina as a student, her ethos then as it is now is to work hard, be conscientious and have high standards.”
“Georgina nurtures and builds confidence and embeds these traits within the team. Georgina values her role as a mentor and recognises the significance her role plays within the team.”

“Georgina is very supportive and flexible with students, a great role model and cares deeply for her patients.”

“Georgina is always keen to tailor learning and clinical practice experiences to the student’s interests and future career aspirations- I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Aunty Lucy award
Auntie Lucy was the name colleagues gave to Lucy Kpobie, who was a Staff Nurse on Gray Ward, who gave many years’ service to both the Trust and her patients and was much loved by her colleagues. Her family have generously donated funding to nurses working in St Georges to support their development .The Auntie Lucy Award is a sum of up to £1,000 to be awarded to a nurse or team of nurses who wish to develop their practice and can demonstrate the potential achievements / improvements that can be made using the award money.

Auntie Lucy Award 2015_JenJen, a dementia clinical nurse specialist won the Aunty Lucy award this year. The money will be used to pilot and fund a Dementia and Delirium project.