Tonight (Monday 17 December), Channel 4 will broadcast the 200th episode of 24 Hours in A&E at 9pm – the 130th episode at its home at St George’s.

Tonight’s 200th episode is the last in the 16th series which was filmed over 56 days in April and May 2017 with 110 fixed rig cameras and 76 microphones recording the highs, lows and everyday moments of life in our Emergency Department.

With between 2 and 2.5 million viewers on average per episode and a growing international audience, 24 Hours in A&E remains one of most popular TV shows in the UK – and the longest running documentary series.

Each episode takes seven weeks to create, after six weeks of pre-production and eight weeks filming with the support of 124 people within the production team and involvement from several teams at St George’s.

Spencer Kelly, 24 Hours in A&E Executive Producer at The Garden Productions, said: “24 Hours in A&E is a series where you often see the best of humanity. Staff caring for patients, families supporting loved ones and patient stories about overcoming life’s challenges are genuinely life affirming and positive – and maybe more poignant in this day and age.”

Dr Will Glazebrook, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, wrote a blog about why we continue to work with The Garden Productions on 24 Hours in A&E. He said: “At a time when the NHS is under more pressure than ever, 24 Hours in A&E is a weekly reminder, were it needed, of the amazing work the NHS does all day every day (and night), not only at St George’s, but across the whole country.”

He added: “The positive and honest spotlight it shines on the work of our hospital is one of the main reasons we have kept doing it for so long. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and promote what we do, and put our best foot forward.”

The 200th episode – I Will Survive – focuses on stories of triumph in the face of adversity.

Ky, 18, is brought to St George’s after being knocked off her motorbike in a hit and run accident. Her mum Sam is by her side as doctors assess the damage to her legs and pelvis.

Aleks, 41, is suffering from confusion and memory loss after falling from her loft onto her head. As her husband Paulo arrives at the hospital, doctors are still unsure whether she’s suffered permanent brain damage.

Tune in tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm to watch I Will Survive – and join in the conversation on Twitter by tweeting @StGeorgesTrust and using the hashtag #24HrsAE

24 Hours in A&E relocated to St George’s after six series and 70 episodes at King’s College Hospital in 2014.

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