St George’s consultants Mehran Afshar and Chris Anderson’s new book on Renal Cancer has been published by one of the most prestigious publishers in the world, Springer.

‘Renal Cancer: Current Status and Innovations’ includes useful information on the fundamental basics and latest diagnostic and treatment techniques for Renal Cancer.

With Renal Cell Carcinoma being the sixth most common cancer in men and tenth most common in women worldwide, and rates of it accelerating in the past 10 years due to rising obesity and an aging population, shared learning and research into RCC in the field is becoming ever more important.

Readers can expect to gain an understanding of screening, surveillance, diagnostics, pathology, robotic and open surgical approaches, ablation, medical treatment, psychology and future innovations.

‘Renal Cancer: Current Status and Innovations’ can now be found in St George’s University Hospital Library. It is expected to be available and used worldwide, including in other universities and hospitals as well as available to buy from some of the biggest book retailers in the world such as Waterstones, and Amazon.

Christopher Anderson, Consultant in Urology at St George’s, said:

“In my view the value of this book lies in the fact that the entire spectrum of clinicians who manage Renal cancer will find it very helpful. The information is very topical, current and many innovations and nuances are discussed. In doing so our patients too will undoubtedly benefit.”

Dr Mehran Afshar, Consultant in Uro-Oncology at St George’s, said:

“I am incredibly proud of our book, and the fact that it is St George’s based. Our group will aim to continue to deliver more productive academic output from this great centre for the wider clinical community.”

Dr Mehran Afshar and Mr Chris Anderson are both editors of the book and authors of some of the chapters. Over the course of the past year, it took them a significant amount of time and effort to prepare so this is a huge accomplishment.

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