The award-winning documentary series returns for a thirteenth series following patients treated in the same 24 hour period at St George’s. It’s a place where stories of life, love and loss unfold every day.

This episode explores the power of love when a man is involved in a serious bicycle collision and an elderly lady becomes unwell at home.

40 year old Stuart is transferred from another hospital to St George’s having been involved in a high speed collision with multiple cyclists during a race. “If they come off that bike they’ve got very little protection” explains Consultant Paul. “If there’s been lots of bikes that have collided with each other, then some of those injuries could definitely be life-threatening.”  Doctors are concerned that the patient may have suffered damage to his internal organs so send Stuart for an emergency CT scan.

Specialist doctors are called to see Stuart after the CT scans reveals there is damage to his kidney and he is bleeding internally. “I knew it was bad. His blood was so low and I think that’s why they wouldn’t let him out of hospital” recalls Stuart’s fiancée Tracy who was in Italy at the time of the accident, “I thought I was going to lose him.”  Stuart is rushed for emergency surgery in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

83 year old Elicia-Jean is rushed to St George’s having collapsed at home after experiencing dizziness and is accompanied by her son Stephen. Doctors suspect that she may have an infection and begin tests to determine what has caused her symptoms whilst Stephen talks about Elicia-Jean’s transition from life with her wealthy family in Sierra Leone to starting again in England with his Dad “They were both from different classes. Dad was totally working class. I think the idea of coming to England was to make a better life for themselves.”

Stephen’s wife Cilla arrives to be with Elicia-Jean whilst they wait for the results of the x-ray and blood tests. Stephen remembers the difficulties of introducing Cilla to his family “They only accepted girls who were from Sierra Leone origins. I think I was feeling to myself. Well, really racism like this shouldn’t really exist to that extent in this day and age. As weird as it is to say, the most vicious racism was actually coming from Mum and Dad.” Doctors begin a course of antibiotics and talk to the family about her medical history.

Meanwhile Rita comes to A&E with her husband of 61 years Gerry with a suspected abscess. Chatting with Emergency Care Practitioner Declan about their celebrations for their Ruby wedding, Rita jokes that they probably had a row or two. “I do love the elderly. They come with some incredible stories.” Declan explains, “I know how important relationships are, especially how long you’ve know that relationship has gone on for. Where it’s taken them, what they’ve experienced together.”