The electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) team have been shortlisted for the prestigious Health Services Journal award.

They have been nominated under the category of ‘Using Technology to Improve Efficiency’ for their entry ‘How electronic prescribing and medicines administration is delivering safer, better and smarter healthcare.’   

Electronic prescribing and medicines administration was introduced in St George’s during June 2014 to help drive patient and staff safety across our organisation.

The ePMA system enables in-depth reporting for the entire organisation, which drives better outcomes for patients by reducing missed doses and highlighting areas for practice improvement.

Lead pharmacist for IT Will Hall says, ‘I am very proud of our achievements with regards to ePMA, it has been challenging changing the way we work and this award is a testament to the wonderful clinical staff at St George’s who have worked with us and enabled us to deliver the system and its benefits.

There are so many other ways we can leverage technology to drive efficiency and we are just at the exciting start of our journey towards, safer, better and smarter Healthcare.’

The ePMA team will be presenting to a judging panel on Monday 12th October.