Matthew Sunter, Heart Failure Nurse, and Dr Lisa Anderson, Heart Failure Cardiologist, have been nationally recognised and honoured by patients for their exceptional quality of care and treatment in the Pumping Marvellous Foundation Awards.

Matthew was nominated by patients to receive the ‘You’re Simply Marvellous Award’ while Dr Anderson received the ‘Roy Award’ by The Pumping Marvellous Foundation CEO, Nick Hartshorne Evans.

Matthew’s ‘You’re Simply Marvellous Award’ reflects the direct impact he has in our local community while bringing value to the treatment of heart failure by improving patient outcomes.

Heart failure patient Bev Keddo said: “Matthew is just wonderful. He has held my hand, wiped my tears, made me smile, made it clear, made me understand, is always at the end of the phone, never trivialises my worries or fears, supports me in everything I do, always has time whether it’s heart failure related or not. He has been the main key in my support system for four years and I wish I could share him with everyone.”

Matthew told us: “I’m delighted and humbled that one of my patients has gone above and beyond to nominate me for this award. I really enjoy my job, which is reward enough, but this award has made me feel privileged.”

Dr Anderson said: “I’d like to thank the rest of the team, who have really improved the experience of heart failure patients at St George’s.”

Mr Evans, Founder and CEO of The Pumping Marvellous Foundation said: “We are delighted that our patient community has chosen Matthew to receive this yearly award from the charity.”

Dr Anderson was chosen by CEO Mr Evans to receive the ‘Roy Award’, in memory of Roy Heesom who died in 2016 from heart failure, for her hard work in producing the highest standards for patients.

Mr Evans said: “I am delighted to award Dr Lisa Anderson on her outstanding contribution to heart failure services at St George’s Hospital. Every time I meet Lisa, she is full of passion and drive to ensure her patients and families of those patients get the very best service she can deliver with her team. This is a fantastic achievement and Lisa should be proud of herself as we are very proud to award this special award to her this year.”

The Heart Failure Unit was also honoured with a special recognition award, for all of the Unit’s outstanding work with their patients.

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation is the UK’s patient led heart failure charity. It was founded by a heart failure patient whose experiences whilst rehabilitating have shaped the foundation’s goals and principles of a patient-centric charity focused on improved patient outcomes.