Dietitians Week (8-12 June 2015) aims to highlight the value of dietitians and their work.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) launched the world’s first Dietitians Week in 2014. Our registered dietitians (RDs) fully backed the campaign, taking over the St George’s Trust social media accounts to reach over 60,000 people with their nutritional statistics, healthy eating tips and myth-busting articles.

This year our dietitians will be offering an insight into what they get up to on a daily basis. Through twitter they’ll be posting #24HrsRD updates on what they’re up to. Sharing photos and comments from the patients they’ve treated and the colleagues they’re working with.

We will also be using Facebook as a chance to reflect on the recent media based debunking performed by our expert principle dietitian Catherine Collins.

You can expect to see some celebratory tweets and messages from us on Tuesday 9 June as we attend a special Dietitians Week event at the House of Lords. It is sure to be an inspirational afternoon with professionals from across the country gathering to share examples of the work they are doing.

Then, on Thursday 11 June we are joining forces with St George’s, University of London to give you a chance to come and speak to those in the know. We’re holding a free debate asking whether sugar is really as bad some would have us think. Hope to see you there!

To round-off the week our dietitians and therapy teams are working together to mark ‘Work out at Work’ day. There will be aerobic classes, cycling challenges, a chance to feel what it is like to moonwalk in our anti-gravity treadmill and you could even meet the Wimbledon FC players as they help showcase why being active and well-nourished is vital for our health and wellbeing.

St George’s is very proud to be involved in the ‘Dietitians Week’ awareness campaign, which is dedicated solely to the dietetic profession, and the ‘Work out at Work’ day promoting an active lifestyle. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved so we hope to see or hear from you this week!