Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director at NHS England (London), visited St George’s last week (3 August) to welcome new junior doctors taking part in our Emergency Department’s local induction.

Dr Diwakar trained at St George’s 27 years ago with St George’s Medical Director Professor Andy Rhodes before becoming a paediatrician working across the country including at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Birmingham Children’s Hospital before joining NHS England (London) as Medical Director in January this year.

Dr Diwakar said: “It’s great to be back at St George’s – and be part of this year’s new junior doctors first day at induction.”

He added: “Junior doctors are a critical part of the workforce for the NHS, not just because of the work they do or the training they undertake, but because they are the future.”

“They are able to see things in a different way to those of us who have worked in the service for many years and can call out where change needs to happen. The NHS can only be changed by those who work in it and junior doctors are more important in improving outcomes and the experience of patients than ever before”.

Dr Diwakar gave a presentation during the local induction explaining his career path and his current role of providing clinical leadership to the London health system as it delivers safe, high quality care to patients.

He added: “I really enjoyed my time at St George’s so it’s a pleasure to come back. Hopefully this is just the first of many visits to meet with medical staff across the Trust to find out more about the great work done here at St George’s.”

Professor Rhodes said: “I was very proud to welcome Vin back to St George’s and update him about what’s going on at the Trust and jointly welcome our new junior doctors.”

During the induction, he offered advice to the junior doctors about working at St George’s, saying “it’s a great place to work, filled with opportunities.”

Welcome to all our new junior doctors to St George’s.

Professor Andy Rhodes, Medical Director at St George’s; Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director at NHS England (London); Dr Phil Moss, Clinical Director for the Emergency Department at St George’s