Congratulations to Patricia McCutcheon for winning the Radiographer of the Year Award for the London region at the Society of Radiographers Annual Radiographer Awards at the House of Commons.

Patricia is one of our Senior Neuroradiographers and has been part of the Atkinson Morley team for nearly 40 years.

During the course of Patricia’s career, she has been at the forefront of significant developments in radiography and qualified when CT scanning was in the early stages of research, and MRI scanning wasn’t even on the horizon.

Colleague Stella Howchin, who nominated Patricia, said: “She has never sought personal recognition for all of her work; she has unending dedication to the profession, and is her own “Centre of Excellence” in Neuroradiography.”

“Patricia has taught and been a mentor to countless radiographers, junior doctors, radiologists and surgeons over the years.”

One of our former well-known neurosurgeons Mr Henry Marsh said: “If anybody deserves the Radiographer of the Year award, Patricia does and when I’ve asked why she hasn’t retired yet, Pat’s replied ‘Because I’m not bored yet!’”

Congratulations Patricia!