Well done to some of our paediatric consultants who took part in the London to Brighton – 55 mile cycle last year, to raise funds for St George’s Hospital Charity.

The team raised a total of £3778.50, which enabled the charity to purchase two AirvO2 Optiflow systems which help to improve respiratory distress in children.

AirvO2 Optiflow systems can be used on children with asthma and pneumonia, but at St George’s are predominantly used on bronchiolitis patients.

Bronchiolitis is a viral chest infection that causes mucus production in the airways and causes narrowing of the airways resulting in children with difficulty breathing. The AirvO2 Optiflow system provides breathing support so children can breathe with reduced energy expenditure, and helps improve respiratory distress in children.

Rajashree Ravindran, Consultant Paediatrician at St George’s, said: “With these machines we will be able to really improve the care of children with bronchiolitis and make a huge change in their treatment.

“The earlier you start treatment for increased work of breathing, the better – so we want to begin this treatment as soon as children need it in the emergency department. We can then move patients to the ward quickly and continue to provide the treatment there, and ultimately get them better and home sooner by providing efficient and effective treatment right from the start. This will also have an effect on reducing paediatric intensive care admissions for bronchiolitis.

“Thanks to all the nursing team, emergency department and PICU team for providing support with implementing this new treatment on our ward.”

Molly Simpson, Events and Community Fundraising Manager for St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “This is a clear example of the real difference getting involved in fundraising can make to your ward or department at St George’s. The team cycled 55 miles from London to Brighton in September, and in January they have purchased this life-saving equipment.”