The major trauma signposting partnership team (MTSP) is a free service developed by St George’s Hospital in partnership with Cardinal Management and Citizens Advice (CA) Wandsworth. The service provides early bedside advice and support on welfare, benefits and legal issues for major trauma patients and their families.

The MTSP team is made up of two MTSP rehabilitation coordinators Leanne Sequeira and Charlotte Mulinde, and Carina Anderson (pictrued right) from CA Wandsworth.

We had a chat with Leanne (pictured left) and Charlotte to find out a bit more about what the team does.

Tell us a bit more about what the team does?

Major trauma patients often experience significant anxiety related to their employment, finances, transportation, education, housing, and long term care, all of which can place additional stress on patients and their families. Our role is to reduce the stress by providing early bedside advice and support on welfare, benefits and legal issues.

We have CA advisers on hand to help patients access state benefits, provide employment and housing support and debt management advice. We also work with solicitors to help patients access early legal advice through the personal injury claims process, if required.

How many patients does the team see?

The service was greatly impacted by the pandemic but we’re pleased to report that we are now operating at pre-covid levels again and helping in the region of 30-40 patients per month.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

Leanne said: “I like being able to see the difference that our service makes to patient outcomes.”

Charlotte said: “I enjoy being part of a team that allows patients to access the support they need to enable them to get back to their normal lives.”

Service feedback:

“Leanne was amazing, made sure I understood everything. Same with Citizens Advice Advisor, Carina, made sure everything was easy to understand. The advice given really helped me out.”

“Charlotte the MTSP Adviser couldn’t have been more helpful. She was professional and able to answer all the questions asked, she advised and explained everything to my wife and myself which gave us the confidence to handle daunting situation that we had not begun to tackle.”