Last week saw the reopening of two newly refurbished cardiac catheter labs – containing state of the art equipment and the very latest in x-ray imaging technology – and the first patients have already been treated in the new facilities.

The cath labs contain specialist imaging equipment to allow for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and conditions like heart attacks, palpitations, and thickened heart valves.

The refurbishment of the first two labs was an essential upgrade to improve both the environment that patients are treated in, and the areas where staff work. The new labs bring the necessary x-ray imaging up to modern standards, which allows the team to more rapidly and effectively treat heart conditions.

The new equipment will also largely improve the reliability of the imaging systems which our teams use, and the upgrades will allow for better infection control measures including better ventilation, and enhanced temperature control to keep patients and staff more comfortable. The fitting of new artwork in the ceiling of the labs will also give patients something to engage their attention while they’re being treated under local anaesthetic.

Multiple additional imaging systems have been built into the lab, meaning that the team no longer have to bring necessary equipment in and out between uses, but instead have everything they need in the right place. Refurbishment of the the remaining three labs will follow.

Alex Grimster, Principal Cardiac Physiologist, said:

“Not only is this great news for our patients who will benefit from even better care when they’re brought into the cath labs, but the new environment will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of our staff.

“Though they remain committed to providing outstanding care while the building works continue to take place in the three remaining labs to be refurbished, we are all thrilled that the first two upgrades are complete.”

Thank you to our Capital Projects team, and all involved in this work.