The award-winning 24 Hours in A&E returns with a series of compilations featuring some of the most memorable staff and patient stories filmed since 2011 at King’s College Hospital and St George’s in South London – places where life, love and loss unfold every day.

This episode features three patients filmed at St George’s Hospital who are all in immediate need of different types of care.

An 18 year old motorcyclist is rushed to St George’s after colliding with two cars. Initial observations show that he may have suffered life-changing trauma to the right hand side of his body and a CT scan reveals a fracture to his right femur. Doctors need to work quickly to re-align his leg in order to maintain the blood supply to his foot.

Meanwhile, eight year old Clementina comes to St Georges with her dad Jim, after falling off her scooter and hurting her knee. She enjoys asking her questions of her dad, and says ‘it’s important I ask questions to get better at stuff. Otherwise I’ll never learn anything.’ We hear how her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and is going through chemotherapy.  Her parents decided it was best to be honest with Clementina, who is understanding that process through asking lots of questions.

And 29 year old Rick comes to minors after an accident at the gym. He is a war veteran from Afghanistan who was injured in the line of duty.