The RTS award-winning – and 2019 BAFTA nominated – documentary series is back with its 19th series on Channel 4.

The hospital has one of the busiest A&E departments in Britain – under more pressure than ever. It’s a place where stories of life, love and loss unfold every day.

This first episode of the new series follows the stories of three patients treated in the same 24 hour period at St George’s.

14 year old Eduard is rushed into St George’s having fallen from a swing and fracturing his ankle.

In the Urgent Care Centre, 62 year old Rosina has come to St George’s having fallen and broken her wrist on the dance floor at a family party.

Paula is in Resus having been unable to take in food through her feeding tube. Her husband David talks of her battle with throat cancer when she was young and the lives they have built together. We learn that it is not only Paula’s health that is in danger but also that of her unborn baby.

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