The RTS award-winning documentary series is back with its fourteenth series following patients treated in the same 24 hour period at St George’s in south west London. The hospital has one of the busiest A&E departments in Britain. It’s a place where stories of life, love and loss unfold every day.

This episode – Lost for Words – features two patients brought to St George’s for emergency treatment.

Staff unravel the mystery of 54-year-old Richard (pictured) who arrives in resus suffering symptoms of a suspected stroke. Neurology Registrar Vijay works quickly to assess what may have happened. Richard is sent to CT and whilst undergoing his scan has a further seizure which gives Dr Vijay a strong indication that his symptoms may not have been caused by a stroke. As we hear from Richard’s wife Mary about how they met, the results of the CT scan reveal a large mass on Richard’s brain and Dr Vijay must prepare to tell Richard and Mary the devastating news.

Meanwhile, 76-year-old Peter arrives in A&E with a severe head injury, covered in blood but it’s not clear what exactly has happened to him. As Dr Fiona tries to get to the root cause, Peter is declared a code red emergency and doctors needs to give him an emergency blood transfusion.

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