St George’s Hospital has undergone a major overhaul of its energy facilities which will reduce annual carbon emissions by 6,000 tonnes, the same amount produced by 3,000 cars.

The project, part of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), is also guaranteed to save the hospital £1m per year in energy bills. The previous facility at the hospital had been in place for 40 years.

The new energy centre was officially opened on Friday 29 June during Sustainable Health and Care Week.

Kevin Howell, Director of Estates and Facilities at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “The NHS is focussed on social, financial and environmental sustainability, and this project places St George’s at the forefront of these efforts.

“Ultimately, our aim is to create the best possible environment for our patients, and this new facility will allow us to do that while also maximising cost and energy efficiency.”

The new centre features two combined heat and power (CHP) units that will deliver almost all of the power needed to run the hospital. It also has also four new boilers, a highly efficient chiller system, and energy efficient lighting and controls. The new energy centre was created in partnership with Centrica Business Solutions.

Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “I believe this is one of the most significant energy projects in the country, and a demonstration of how energy technologies can be combined to transform ageing infrastructure to make it more resilient, reduce costs and make a positive impact on the environment.”