The majority of South West London Pathology (SWLP) microbiology services for south west London and Surrey Downs have today (26 June) been centralised at St George’s Hospital to create a large and resilient microbiology service for primary and acute care in the area.

This consolidation has been undertaken in order to create a more robust microbiology service for all service users. SWLP is investing in state-of-the-art technology to future-proof its microbiology services. They will also be investing in people through training and staff development.

The result will be one of the largest and most comprehensive microbiology services in the country with the ability to offer an ever-increasing repertoire.

SWLP Managing Director Simon Brewer says, “I am delighted that we have taken this step to provide a bigger and more robust microbiology service for clinicians, GPs and patients across south west London.

“This consolidation, alongside the development of a new molecular suite for microbiology, will mean that our microbiology services will be among the best in the country.”

This move is part of a programme of work to consolidate pathology services across south west London, following the expansion of the SWLP partnership to include Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals.