The work of the Douglas Bader Unit at Queen Mary’s has been captured in a new short film created by two local men, advertising writer Simon Bere and corporate film maker Paul Lucas.

The unit at Queen Mary’s – named after Douglas Bader, an RAF pilot who lost both his legs during world war two – provides a multi-disciplinary service for people who’ve had upper and lower limb amputations, or experience limb deficiency.

The short film has been created free of charge for our team by Simon and Paul, and goes behind the scenes of this highly specialist service at Queen Mary’s.

It also gives patients and members of the public an insight into the care and expertise involved in creating prosthetic limbs, which are customised for individual patients.

Sara Smith, Amputee Therapy Lead, is just one of the team at Queen Mary’s who helps provide this key service. She said: “It was such a fantastic offer from Simon and Paul, and the beauty of the film is that it educates, but – as important – it is incredibly watchable. We are really grateful for this kind offer, and to be involved in such a great project.”

Simon added: “We heard about these terrific people back in April, and straight away we thought, let’s pool our resources and do something positive with our Covid downtime. We are so glad we did. What a total inspiration it was spending time with such superb craftsmen and women, all so devoted to their work and the benefits it brings”.

For more information about the work of our prosthetic service at Queen Mary’s – which has been running for over ninety years, click here.