Caroline Bathurst is the Chairperson and Organiser of the Trust’s Wheelchair Service User Group.

The group was established for people who are regular users of our wheelchair service, and is a way for them to have their say and get involved in shaping the way the service works.

We spoke to Caroline (pictured) to learn more about the group and her role.

What motivated you to set up the St George’s wheelchair service users group?

“After the group took a year break, I felt it was time to start up the group again as I feel it’s a great way for patients/clients to convey what they are looking for in the very service that keeps them independent and mobile.”

Why do you think patients or the public should get involved with the group?

“Being involved in a service that helps you be independent and mobile is paramount.  Improvement and procedure suggestions are really best coming from the very people that use the service.”

What are some of the things the group wants to achieve?

“I feel the group should want to achieve the best service possible.  This will involve listening and taking on board what patients/clients are conveying regarding improvements and procedures.  Then looking at what is realistically possible to implement.”

How do you work with staff at St George’s

“I joined the wheelchair service user group many years ago. I am now the group’s chair and organiser. I discuss all things related to improving the service with the wheelchair service and contracted service repairers at these meetings.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the group, you can contact Caroline via