Last month we announced the election of Richard Mycroft as the Trust’s new Lead Governor.

We spoke to Richard to learn more about his background, what he thinks is unique about St George’s, and what the role of Lead Governor involves.

Tell us a bit about your background and your connection to the Trust?

“I’ve worked in Human Resources throughout my career, starting out in the NHS forty years ago and going on to work for British Gas, local government and the Civil Service.

“When I left university, one of the first jobs I applied for was actually at St George’s based at Hyde Park Corner but due to move to Tooting. I went to work at another Hospital but now it’s nice to have come full circle!”

“As I got closer to retirement, I was keen to give something back to St George’s, which has been my local hospital for over 35 years.

“Both my children were born here and two family members were cared for here, so I’m passionate about being a champion for the Trust.”

Why did the position of Lead Governor appeal to you?

“I’ve been representing South West Lambeth as a Governor for the past 18 months, getting to know the Trust. I’ve seen how successful the Lead Governor model developed by Kathryn Harrison [our former Lead Governor] was.

“I’ve chaired the Governors’ Membership Engagement Committee (developing the recently launched Membership Strategy) and found that my background in employee engagement was really helpful. So when the opportunity came to build on this, I thought I could bring something to the role.”

How did it feel when you found out you had been elected?

“I was honoured to have been elected by my peers and to have the support of my fellow Governors.”

What areas are important to you in this role?

“For me, the role is so important in representing the interests of the public and ensuring Governors’ can work collaboratively with the Trust’s leadership to deliver the best healthcare possible.

“I’m looking forward to Governors’ continuing to be a voice for the public by better understanding Members’ views. This is an interesting and challenging time, not just for the Trust, but for the NHS as a whole.

“We have a tremendous level of admiration from those who themselves, or family or friends have been treated here. It would be great to turn that admiration to positive support.

“There is always a need for the public to scrutinise what is happening, which is a key role for Governors. I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities for productive engagement with our members.”

Finally, what do you think is unique about St George’s?

“The Trust delivers such a varied and complex range of healthcare! It’s a local hospital serving a diverse community; delivers specialist services to patients throughout the South East referred to us; and does this through amazing staff – just look at 24 Hours in A&E to see only one example of staff skill and dedication.”