St George’s, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals and Health Group is celebrating International Women’s Day.

Group Chairman Gillian Norton and Group Chief Executive Jaqueline Totterdell have shared how they want to ‘Break The Bias’, which is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day.

The hospital group has two women leading both Trusts, and both are passionate about getting women into senior positions, helping women to overcome gender imposter syndrome, and the power of female role models.

In total, the hospital group has over 11,500 female members of staff, which amounts to over 70% of St George’s workforce, and 75% of Epsom and St Helier’s workforce.

Jacqueline Totterdell, group Chief Executive said:

“I have suffered gender imposter syndrome, where I have often wondered whether I am good enough to do the jobs, when I see men around me doing that same job. But over time, with help and support from other women who’ve been good leaders and role models for me, I’ve actually managed to overcome that”.

Gillian Norton said:

“Even with all the experience I have and in the stage of my career I am, there are times when I have to be quite assertive. There is this tendency for men to ascribe good ideas in meetings to other men, not to women”.

“I want to say thank you to all the women role models we have across our organisation at St George’s and Epsom and St Helier”.

Jaqueline Totterdell added:

“I am very proud that I am one of a couple, myself and Gillian who are one of the few female Chief Executive and Chairman combos running big organisations. I think that says something about how passionate we are about women in leadership”.

In addition to Jaqueline and Gillian’s messages being shared, St George’s celebrated the day with the Women’s Staff Network hosting events, which included a visit from Wandsworth Police who gave out crime prevention advice and the opportunity to get a women’s health check and information from our menopause team.


Jaqueline Totterdell, Group Chief Executive


Gillian Norton, Group Chair