St George’s continues to focus on improving the care for patients with stroke. In the latest published SSNAP (Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme) quarterly report, the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) is now rated an A grade. Some of the recent improvements include:

  • increased consultant presence in the emergency department has reduced the waiting time for patients
  • the TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack, often called mini-strokes) clinic has increased its activity by 15% in the last year to help reduce the demand on inpatient beds
  • continued work with radiology means most patients get a CT scan in the emergency department within their first hour in hospital
  • in 2016, St George’s expects to launch the first 24/7 thrombectomy service in the country. We took part in trials to evidence that this treatment works. We have recently appointed two interventional neuroradiologists who make up a team of five specialists doing the procedure. Thrombectomy removes clots from the arteries of blocked vessels and reduces disability in severe stroke. This service will be offered to patients from south west London and our neuroscience network of partner hospitals in Surrey.

We recognise that our local partner trusts (Kingston, Croydon and St Helier) stroke services are also continuing to make improvements to patient flow, and so in partnership we aim to ensure that our patients have the best chance of receiving high quality care.

Photography: Jonathan Perugia.