The home therapies (including peritoneal dialysis) and renal transplant clinics will transfer to the Courtyard Clinic building at St George’s Hospital on 9 April. 

The peritoneal dialysis clinic is currently provided out of Willow Annexe, and our renal transplant clinic is based in Atkinson Morley, both of which are also on the St George’s Hospital site.

Our renal service has been split across different parts of the Tooting site for some time now, which has been less than ideal – both for patients, and our staff. As a result, we hope the transfer of services will be a welcome move, and improve access for those using and running them. 

The move to Courtyard will also enable the Trust to restart home dialysis training, and for the first time have a dedicated room with a replica home haemodialysis set up for patients to familiarise themselves with. 

Patients who use the service have been written to this week, although we will be putting re-direction posters up in Willow Annexe and Atkinson Morley as well.  

HIV services: 

It is important to state that the Trust’s HIV service is unaffected by the move, and will continue to be provided out of the same place in the Courtyard Clinic as it is currently.