Consultant Rhys has featured alongside his St George’s colleagues in previous series’ of ’24 Hours in A&E’ but we see him in episode 1 of series 10 – the 100th episode – treating 89-year-old Sir John Cockburn who arrives at St George’s with acute abdominal pain. Here we find out more about Rhys…

What is your role within A&E?

I’m one of the Emergency Department (ED) consultants, and the lead clinician for the children’s emergency department. This means I spend most of my time working in the children’s emergency department.

How long have you worked at St George’s? Why did you want to join the team?

Since February 2012, so just over 3 and a half years now. St George’s offered a young, enthusiastic and vibrant team that I wanted to be a part of.

How many patients do you treat in an average day? What conditions / illnesses do they have?

We see about 350-400 patients a day in a 24 hour period, and about 100 of those would be children. We see everything from simple splinters and beads in ears to critically unwell children and adults.

What did you think when they announced ’24hrs in A&E’ was going to be filmed at St George’s?

I was excited to hear that ’24 hours in A&E’ would be coming to film again at St George’s. The production company did such an amazing job at showcasing the work that we do as a trust at St George’s. It was great to think that they wanted to show more of the great work that the hospital provides.

Did you find it had any impact on your day?

I was surprised how little impact the filming had on my day. I got so used to turning up and putting on a microphone, and checking in with the “shop floor” producers. The TV company did a great job at making it really easy for me. My priority was always to look after the patients – that never changed.

What have you enjoyed the most from your experience of ’24hrs in A&E’?

It has been great watching the department’s reaction to the programme. It has definitely boosted team morale!

What has been your highlight moment of St George’s episodes so far?

It is an honour to be featured in the 100th episode. I’ll let you know when I’ve watched the 10th series!

What was the biggest challenge you experienced during the filming?

As a consultant you’re involved in consenting patients to be filmed. Sometimes this is difficult, but the production team were always there to help and support us.

What is the benefit of St George’s participating in a show like ’24hrs in A&E’?

It has been really important to show what a great service the NHS provides. I have had such positive feedback from patients and relatives since being involved with the show telling me what an amazing job we all do. Sometimes it’s nice to hear that!

What do you think about the reaction to the new series so far?

Everyone’s excited to see the new look, and to see who’ll be featured this series!

Is there anything that was or wasn’t caught on camera which you wish wasn’t or was?

I don’t think there is anything that I wish had been caught. I’ll tell you after the episode has been aired if there is anything that I wish that hadn’t been caught!

What makes you proud to work at St George’s?

I love working at St George’s! It is an honour to be part of a young, vibrant and dynamic team that strive to deliver excellent care at all times.