Daryl is one of our senior charge nurses. He is seen caring for 22-year-old Paul, a stabbing victim who features in episode four of ’24 Hours in A&E’ (aired 20/11/14).

What is your role within A&E?

I am one of the Senior Charge Nurses in the department, I manage a team of nurses in their development as well as the day to day running of shifts when I am in charge.

How long have you (or did you) worked at St George’s?

I’ve worked at St George’s for 4 years.

How many patients do you treat in an average day? What conditions / illnesses do they have?

We see around 350-400 patients everyday with a massive range of injuries and illnesses, it’s very unpredictable.

What did you think when they announced ‘24hrs in A&E’ was going to be filmed at St George’s?

When I first heard that ’24 hours’ would be filming in the department I was slightly apprehensive. I was unsure we would be able to add anything new to the show since Kings did such a great job in their time.

Did you find it had any impact on your day?

The filming didn’t really have an impact on my day, it’s always busy and there’s always something going on so we all just got on with our jobs, wearing a microphone and seeing the cameras just became part of the routine.

What have you enjoyed the most from your experience of ‘24hrs in A&E’?

Going up to the helipad to have the publicity shots done was probably the highlight since staff aren’t allowed to go up there in normal circumstances. It was a really sunny day and you could see the whole of London.

What is your highlight moment of the series?

I’ll have to wait to the end of the series to say!

What was the biggest challenge you experienced during the filming?

I found it all quite easy going.

What is the benefit of St George’s participating in a show like ‘24hrs in A&E’?

It will showcase the variety in our day to day shifts and show what an amazing team we have in the department.

What do you think about the reaction to the new series so far?

As far as I can tell its all been positive so far, hopefully that will continue, my wife and daughter are certainly enjoying it.

Is there anything that was or wasn’t caught on camera which you wish wasn’t or was?

I think there will always be cases that were really interesting but consent was an issue or the patient was in an area where there wasn’t a camerabut I think the ’24 hours’ team did a great job at capturing us all at work.