Former patient Nigel Murray has revealed his latest art exhibition ‘New Directions’ at St George’s.

After a few weeks on Ruth Myles Ward, Nigel decided that instead of focusing on his illness he would do what he knows best: get creative.

He saw his time in hospital as an opportunity to experiment with collage and drawing which helped him to retain a sense of normality and creativity.

He said: “Finding myself isolated in a single room, the conditions were limited but I began by making small scale collages using magazines brought in by visitors. Self-portraits were done looking into the bathroom mirror. Later, watercolours were produced.”

He hopes that the exhibition, which includes pieces created while undergoing treatment, might act as inspiration to others who may be in hospital for an extended period of time.

He said: “The exhibition is dedicated to all the staff on Ruth Myles and the wider community at St George’s. Very special thanks to the arts team, Joanna Wakefield and Carla Di Grazia, for all their help in organizing the exhibition.”

You can view the exhibition in Ingredients Restaurant (first floor, Lanesborough Wing, St George’s Hospital) until 21 October.

Arts at St George’s is funded by St George’s Hospital Charity.

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