Earlier this month, the Spiritual Care Centre at St George’s unveiled a stunning new piece of art, donated by artist Chris Wood and the Fendi Fashion House.

The Italian luxury designer brand commissioned Chris to create a series of artworks to be displayed in their shop windows around the world. However, as the world of fashion moves so quickly, when they decided to refresh their offices they asked Chris to find a new home for her artwork.

St George’s Arts Director Joanna Wakefield had been looking for a piece of art for the Spiritual Care Centre at St George’s for quite some time when she found out that this piece was available – and luckily, Chris chose St George’s as its new home from a number of interested organisations.

The installation, which was previously on display in Hong Kong, uses delicate pieces of dichroic coated acrylic arranged in shards that respond to light and shadow to bring the piece to life. The patterns created change depending on the position of the viewer, and the angle of the light source.

Joanna said: “St George’s Hospital Charity is very pleased to accept this wonderful, inspiring donation of art to add to the hospital’s collection.”

She added: “It was a really lucky find – it was meant to be. The circular design in itself feels very spiritual and embracing of all faiths – so I think the Spiritual Care Centre is the perfect new home.”

Speaking at the event, Chris Wood said: “It’s lovely to have the artwork in somewhere like St George’s. My work is predominantly about light and colour and it’s a well-known fact that light and colour have a positive impact on our feelings of wellbeing, that’s why I think it’s a lovely addition to somewhere like a hospital where there’s such extremes of emotions for staff and patients.”

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