The eRedbook app is set to launch at St George’s this month, ensuring all new parents can access a copy of their child’s health records through their smartphone or online.

eRedbook has been introduced by the maternity team at St George’s after being used successfully at a number of other NHS Trusts across the country.

The existing paper red book is given to new parents so they can keep a log of their personal child health record, from the ages of 0-18, when it may be transferred to their child.

The app will provide a more convenient way to update and store the record, while also giving access to useful information tailored to the age of the child, as well as reminders when health reviews, immunisations or screening tests are coming up.

Expectant mothers will be able to use the app to learn about their baby’s development milestones, before the baby arrives.

Charlotte James, Director of Midwifery & Gynaecology, said: “We are thrilled to be rolling out the eRedbook app for the over 5,000 parents-to-be we care for every year here at St George’s.

“It is a brilliant innovation that offers parents a convenient and secure way to access their child’s health record. We also hope that the helpful health information and growth charts will empower parents to take an even more active role in managing the health of their child.”

Parents will be able to download the eRedbook app from the app store on iPhones and Android. Our maternity staff will be informing patients about the eRedbook once they are 28 weeks pregnant.