We are back for another 60 minutes of A&E drama this Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4.

In this week’s episode an orthopaedic registrar Arash and a surgical advanced nurse practitioner Terry will be treating a critically injured crushed victim.

34-year-old mechanic Grant is rushed to A&E having been crushed against a brick wall by his own car while working on it. Doctors are concerned he has a serious pelvic injury and other internal injuries and work quickly to find out their severity.

Grant’s mum Lynn and sister Becky race to St George’s. “I didn’t know if he would be paralysed, what sort of state he would be in,” says Lynn. “You think ‘Let it be me, not him’. I don’t know how he will deal with this if he’s not able to walk. To Grant it would be the end of the world.”

Meanwhile 44-year-old Doug is rushed to A&E with severe bleeding from his head. He has a rare incurable condition that has caused a growth on his head and face that is prone to profuse bleeding that could be life threatening. Specialist nurse Terry has treated Doug before. Doug’s wife Rosemary talks about how the condition has affected him and those who care for him.

And 23 year-old scaffolder Charlie has something in his eye and is treated in minors. He may be a tattooed cage-fighter, but Charlie isn’t quite how he first appears. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” he says.