Congratulations to Charlotte Day, a St George’s midwife, on the birth of her baby boy Milo! Charlotte gave birth just 10 hours after finishing work on the delivery suite at St George’s.

On Wednesday 14 August, Charlotte left work after delivering a baby at 7.30pm. Seven hours later at 3am, she returned to the hospital in labour with her own baby.

A total of 10 hours after she delivered the mother’s, her own baby Milo arrived unexpectedly at 5.26am on Thursday 15 August.

Charlotte started her maternity leave at 34 weeks but had decided to work some extra shifts before her baby arrived. She delivered at 8 months pregnant – 36 weeks.

Charlotte said: “It felt very strange to say goodbye to everyone and then be back in less than twelve hours later.

“I burst into tears when I heard I was 6-7cm dilated because it was such a shock and I wasn’t expecting it!

“It’s been wonderful though and we can’t quite believe Milo is now almost two weeks old!”

A huge congratulations again to Charlotte and her partner Adain from all of team St George’s!