The next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’ will be aired next Wednesday, 23rd December, on Channel 4 at 9pm. It is about fathers and sons, their intertwining relationships and an over-riding emotion of people rushed to A & E is fear and confusion.

Rod, a 51-yr old builder, has fallen from 20 feet from scaffolding. His injuries are severe and he is taken straight into CT for a scan for possible spinal fractures. Rod’s brother, Doug, was at the scene of the accident and accompanies him to hospital. Doctors suspect his injuries may be life-changing. Rod’s wife is Nicky, a PE teacher. Later, we discover he needs surgery and to wear a brace.

86-year old John, an ex-policeman, has fallen off a wall into a neighbour’s garden and hurt his head. His wife, Barbara and others couldn’t get him to stand up again. He is in pain. Doctors think he may have broken his neck.

19 yr old Mack’s bike collided with a Porsche and he has severe head injuries. He is also dislocated his shoulder. We find out later in the story that he and his brother were adopted when they were young children (3 & 5 yrs) by an American couple (Jim and Lynn). Mack was still in contact with his birth father until 3 years ago but lost contact with his mother after a couple of years after adoption.