The next episode of the award-winning TV series “24 Hours in A&E” is back on this Wednesday, 25th February.

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“I was in the kitchen and she went out to play. About five minutes later I could hear the screams from inside the house,” says Ashleigh’s mum, Michelle. “She must have been in so much pain.”

X-rays reveal that Ashleigh’s leg is broken and will need surgery. It’s not Ashleigh’s first time at St George’s, her dad was treated there for leukaemia. He died when she was just seven. “It was difficult for her that he could just be taken from her like that,” says Michelle. “There was just no happiness in her eyes any more. She had to grow up very quickly.”

3-year-old Lola is visiting A&E with her dad Quin after having a seizure earlier today. She suffers from febrile convulsions, a condition that causes her to fit intermittently.

“Naturally when you see this sort of thing you go through all the worst case scenarios,” says Quin. “You think ‘Why does she have to go through this? What if this happens when we’re not with her?’ In that moment there’s nothing I can do, that’s the scary thing.”

Meanwhile 91-year-old Betty is brought to St George’s with severe chest pain. Doctors need to do a blood test to confirm if she is having a heart attack and she faces life-saving surgery.

Betty’s niece Anne talks about her aunt’s long and eventful life. “She was a telegraph operator in the Orkneys to the North Atlantic convoys,” says Anne. “After that it was the case of she did what she really, really wanted to do, which is to travel. She went to South Africa, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. She was ahead of her time, a trailblazer.”