Voting in the 2023/24 elections to the St George’s Council of Governors closed at 5 pm on Wednesday 22 December 2023. Thank you to all of those who stood in this year’s elections and to all of our members who voted, and congratulations to all of the successful candidates.

Election results

The following candidates were elected to the St George’s Council of Governors in the elections held in December 2023:

Public elections:

Wandsworth Constituency:

  • John Hallmark (re-elected)
  • Augustine Odiadi
  • Jackie Parker

Merton Constituency:

  • Chelliah Lohendran (elected unopposed)
  • Khaled Simmons (re-elected unopposed)

Rest of England Constituency:

  • Padraig Belton (re-eleced unopposed)
  • James Bourlet (elected unopposed)
  • James Giles (elected unopposed)

There were no nominations for the South West Lambeth public constituency, and a further election for this position on the Council of Governors will be held at a future date.

Staff elections:

Medical and Dental Staff Constituency:

  • Abul Siddiky (elected unopposed)

Nursing and Midwifery Staff Constituency:

  • Dympna Foran (elected unopposed)

Elections for the Staff: Allied Health Professionals and Other Clinical and Technical Staff Constituency are being held in January 2024 and these elections close on 18 January 2024. The results will be announced shortly following the close of the poll.

The reports of the Independent Returning Officer in the elections are available below:

Thank you to our departing Governors

We would also like to thank and say farewell to those Governors who have come to the end of their terms of office:

  • Richard Mycroft, Public Governor for South West Lambeth
  • Hilary Harland, Public Governor for Merton
  • Adil Akram, Public Governor for Wandsworth
  • Shalu Kanal, Public Governor for Wandsworth
  • Derek Cattrall, Public Governor for Rest of England
  • Tunde Odutoye, Staff Governor – Medical and Dental
  • Marlene Johnson, Staff Governor – Nursing and Midwifery
  • Alex Quayle, Staff Governor – Allied Health Professionals and Other Clinical and Technical Staff

If you have any questions about the elections, or if you would be interested in standing as a candidate in the next elections, please contact